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Best Laptops For Programming

Programming is one of the most intriguing and time consuming work. Ideally a programmer spends hours everyday to accomplish success and requires a laptop that is capable of handling heavy compiling and outputs.

If you happen to be a programmer surfing the internet and is trying to find the best laptops for programming, then you are in the right place. In this article we have reviewed some of the best laptops for programming in the market and broken them down with their core specs and performance.

What should you look for in a a laptop if you are a rookie programmer or even someone with heavy heart towards programming? Our answer is simple, a laptop that gives you enough speed and user friendliness along with minimum specs that are required to have a good programming experience.

Processors such as intel core ® i5 or intel core ® i7 are best for programming and coding. Intel processors are designed for high end performance and leads to better runtime and compile time.

Modern laptops are equipped with Solid State Drive (SSD) and can have significant effect on a programmers daily chores. The one big factor that makes SSD better than the traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is it’s boot time. Solid State Drive’s (SSD) are well known for its speedy boot time and making your laptop more responsive.

Let’s quickly look at some laptop brands that are best for programming and coding.

10 Best Laptops for Programming 2017

Laptop Brands Key SpecificationsPricing
MacBook Pro W RetinaIntel®i5 | 256 GB SSD | 8GB RAMUnder $1300
HP ProBook Intel®i7 | 256 GB SSD | 16GB RAM | Radeon R7 | FHDUnder $800
ASUS ZenBookIntel®i5 | 256GB SSD | 16GB RAM | FHDUnder $850
HP Spectre X360Intel®i7 | 512 GB SSD | UHD 4k Under $1500
Lenovo Y700Intel®i7 | 1TB HDD | 8GB RAMUnder $900
Lenovo ThinkPad T460Intel®i5 | 256SSD | 8GB DDR3Under $900
Dell i5568Intel®i5 | 256GB SSD | 8GB RAMUnder $700
Dell XPS 13 QHDIntel®i5 | 256 GB SSD| 8GB RAMUnder $950
Lenovo Ideapad 700Intel®i5 | 256GB SSD| 12GB RAMUnder $700
Acer Aspire V15Intel®i7 | 1 TB HDD | 8GB DDR4Under $1000

Macbook Pro With Retina For Programmers.

best laptops for programmers
Image: Apple/

Macbook is one of the iconic laptops that has revolutionized programming experience for all. It’s astonishing graphics as well as it’s performance gives programmers that comfortable feeling when it comes to coding. Featuring intel core processors and graphics from intel itself, it’s a fully powered machine that feels light and just right. From a programmers standpoint, this laptop can withstand heavy compiling of codes and gives you a better runtime. With 15 inch 2.8 GHz core i7 processor, this laptop delivers unprecedented level of performance.

HP Spectre X360 – Best Laptop For Programming

Best laptop for programming
Image: HP /

Featuring 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of SSD with 4k UHD display, this particular laptop has the necessary speed and processing power for programmers. It’s NVIDIA’s graphics card 940 MX powers it’s graphics to a whole new level and it’s convertible feature along with touchscreen capability, it has everything that a programmer would want in a laptop. It is also super fast, thin and fully equipped. One of the best laptops for programming in 2019.

HP ProBook 450 G3   for programming and coding.

best programming laptop
Image: HP/Amazon

HP Probook fits a programmer personality. It is lightweight and the design is smooth and pleasant. It features 256 GB of solid state drive (SSD)  and 15.6 inch FHD screen. Driven by intel Core i7-6500U Processor (3.1GHz Turbo, 2.5GHz Base) and 16GB DDR4-2133MHz RAM, this laptop is another best laptops for programming that is durable and affordable.

Important Specs

  • Full HD 1080p Display (1920×1080) / WiFi BGN
  • AMD Radeon R7 2GB Dedicated Graphics / Windows 10

Asus ZenBook – Best Laptops For Programming

best laptops for programming
Image: ASUS/Amazon

Asus ZenBook’s is one of the ideal laptops among programmers due to its portability. It’s touchscreen laptop gives you the flexibility and comfort to enjoy multimedia and programming in a seamless manner. With 13.3 inch IPS multi-touch display FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution, this laptop delivers one of the best visual clarity that is just right for programmers. With it’s 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor along with 2 second Instant On functionality, this laptop is one of the best laptops for programming and multitasking.

Lenovo Y700 

best laptop for programmers
Image: Lenovo/Amazon

This particular Lenovo delivers high performance and is best for programming, multimedia and also gaming. It’s IPS anti glare display (1920 x 1080) resolution also gives programmers a bit more clarity to their codes and wireframes. With Intel Quad Core i7 processor and NVIDIA powered GeForce GTX 960M, programmers can enjoy the capability of a gaming laptop while coding. From a programmer standpoint, 1 TB of HDD is ideal for a programmer. You can install two operating systems for example Linux Mint and Ubuntu running side by side. Other heavy softwares such as Visual Studio, SQL Server or Oracle and Photoshop can be installed without any hassle.

Lenovo Thinkpad T460 – Best laptop for programming

best laptop for programming students
Image: Lenovo/Amazon

For a programmer, Lenovo T460 also delivers unprecedented level of performance and durability. Featuring 256 GB of solid state drive storage option and intel i5 dual core processor, this laptop is one that’s proven to give programmers much needed storage and power. Widely popular among engineers for use of AutoCad or SolidWorks, it is equally ideal for programmers to do heavy coding.

Dell Inspiron – Touchscreen (Multimedia and Programming laptop)

cheap programming laptop
Image: DELL/Amazon

This touchscreen laptop from Dell is a budget based laptop for programming. Well under 700 dollars, this laptop has to offer a lot. With 256 GB SSD and intel i5 processor, it is a great laptop for someone who is tight on the budget but needs a laptop that is ideal for programming.

Dell XPS – Touchscreen.

best programming laptops
Image: DELL/Amazon

Another touchscreen from Dell that is also perfect for programming. What makes this laptop best for programming is the 13.3 Inch WQXGA+ (3200×1800) display. This high resolution gives you much more visual clarity and allows you to be more productive.

Lenovo IdeaPad – Cheap and Best Laptop for programming.

best laptops for programming
Image: Lenovo/Amazon

IdealPad is also another great laptop for programming. Featuring NVIDIA graphics and solid state drive, this laptop is best for multimedia purposes but also serves well for a programmer. This laptop is also one of the budget friendly laptop that delivers amazing performance, power and speed. One of the cheap and best laptop for programming.

Acer Aspire V15 – Gaming Laptop for programmers.

best laptops for programming
Image: Acer/Amazon

Acer’s powerhouse V15 is a gaming laptop that also fits programmers. With 1TB of HDD and intel i7 processor, this laptop is all about performance and power. With 15 inch Full HD display, programming in this laptop is unrivaled.


These laptops are among the best laptops for programming and coding. One of the best selling laptops and are well reviewed. A best laptop for programming should have SSD and a latest processor to power any applications and codes efficiently.